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The Sci-Fi & Fantasy Art of Patrick J. Jones

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ISBN-13: 9780957664999

Hardcover: 176 pages

Size: 217 mm x 273 mm

Artist: Patrick J. Jones

Foreword: Donato Giancola

Publisher: Korero Press 

Featuring more than 100 sumptuous paintings created over a 10-year period, this retrospective of the work of Patrick J. Jones – one of the biggest names in fantasy and sci-fi art today – teems with the heroic figures, mermaids, fantastic beasts, enchanted worlds, and extraordinary creatures for which he is known.

Foreword by Donato Giancola
American Donato Giancola is one of the most renowned and awarded fantasy artists of his generation. Popular and successful, he is noted for his work based on J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings and the collectible card game Magic: The Gathering.


“This is a must-have; we've already been captivated by his work for the two how-to books he's done. This may just be our favourite art book of the year.” – Bud Plant

“Patrick is a phenomenal artist, equally versed in both traditional and digital methods.” – Dan Dos Santos

“I expect to be impressed by every piece that comes out of the hands of Patrick. 
His control of the paint and brushes is truly amazing.” – Boris Vallejo

“Being a professional artist for almost 40 years, it takes a lot these days for a piece of art to really impress me at first glance, The first time I saw “The Forbidden Kingdom”, a painting of Conan and a female figure by Patrick Jones, it stopped me cold. I was looking at a perfect combination of Frazetta, Vallejo and Buscema, painted in a uniquely classical style I had not often seen utilized in the genre. I instantly sought out more of his work and was continuously amazed by his impeccable technique and mastery of his medium. He’s an incredible artist who I believe will have a huge influence on the next generation of aspiring fantasy painters.” – Joe Jusko

“Patrick's work explodes with passion, light and shadow. His handling of oil paint is clearly his own, and each of his books have been an inspiration and great masterclass of time-honoured traditional painting. His books are essentials in any creative person's library.” – Bob Eggleton

“The work of a driven man! Driven by an incredibly focused passion for those timeless elements…The physicality of heroic myth and unabashed eroticism. The clear and unapologetic love of technique - that hard coalface of our trade that serious artists have to fight so hard to master. The otherworldy strangeness of it all. An imagination on overdrive.” – Jim Burns